Contact the police

If you report a potential case of child abduction to the police, the police may be able to prevent it.

You can report a case of child abduction to the police by personal appearance at the police station or by calling the police at (+45) 114.

The police will assess what is to be done in the specific situation and whether or not the child should be listed as missing nationally and internationally.

Report a case of child abduction

When you report a case of child abduction or retention to the police, it will be helpful if you can provide the following information to the police:

  • Details about the child: Name, date of birth, nationality, etc.
  • Detailed circumstances about the abduction or retention
  • Where you suspect the child to be staying
  • Information about custody: Who has custody? Do you and the other parent disagree about custody? Have proceedings about a legal separation or divorce or about custody of the child been taken? Is there a legal decision about residence abroad or travelling abroad for a short period?

It will be an advantage if you bring the following to the police:

  • Proof that you have sole or joint custody
  • Photos of the child and the alleged abductor

What can the police do?

In some cases, the police and prosecution service may be able to provide assistance in a child abduction case in the following manners:

  • Stop the abduction
  • Institute a search for the child and the abductor nationally and internationally
  • Institute criminal proceedings against the parent who has abducted or is retaining the child

Temporary suspension of joint custody

The task of the police is to investigate whether the other parent is wrongfully taking a child out of Denmark. If the investigation shows that there is risk of abduction of the child and that you and the other parent have joint custody, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Senior Citizens can temporarily suspend the joint custody and grant you sole custody.