Not returned from access

If your child has not been returned after access in Denmark and you do not fear that the child is about to go abroad, it is not a case of international child abduction.

In this situation, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Senior Citizens cannot help you.

If you have other problems or disagreement about access with the child, you can contact the Agency of Family Law, the family court s, or a lawyer.

If all the following points apply to your situation,  the family court  may help you bring your child back from access:

  • There is an enforceable agreement or decision on rights of access. (This will appear from the agreement or decision.)
  • Both parents are in Denmark.
  • The other parent has not returned the child after access.

T he family court  cannot help you if the agreement or decision on rights of access is not enforceable.

Find addresses and telephone numbers of the family court s (district courts) in Denmark

Whether or not you have an enforceable decision or agreement, you might consider applying to the Agency of Family Law for sole custody or for a modification of the rights of access.