How to apply the convention

If a Danish municipality wishes to send a notification or make a request abroad under the convention, this can be done via the Ministry of Social Affairs, Housing and Senior Citizens, which has been designated as the central authority in Denmark.

The municipality can choose to use the form for international social cases. Be aware that the request form is a guideline for the municipalities to use. Using the form provides an overview of the information that it is typically expected will need to be sent to the Ministry in connection with international cases under the Hague Convention on Child Protection.

If the form is not used, the notification/request must make clear under which article it is being sent, and when notifying on a concern, details must be included as to why the municipality considers the child to be in serious danger (Article 36) or why there is a need for measures to protect the child (Article 32b). If possible, information that makes it possible to locate the child abroad as well as written confirmation that the municipality, in accordance with Article 37, has assessed that the information will not bring the child into harm or constitute a serious threat against members of the child’s family should also be included.

The notification/request and other relevant documents must be translated into the language of the state in which the child is present. Once the Ministry has received all documents, they will be forwarded to the central authority abroad. The central authority will then forward the notification/information to the relevant social authorities, who will then assess whether measures need to be taken in relation to the child. It is not a requirement under Article 36 of the convention that the information be passed through a central authority. Under the rules of the convention, a notification may be sent directly to the relevant social authorities abroad, taking other legislation into account.

The transmitting of information to an authority or person abroad is covered by the General Data Protection Regulation and the Danish Data Protection Act.

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If the municipality has any questions about the convention or is unsure what documents need to be included, they can contact the Child Abduction Coordination Unit by telephone on 40 50 50 26.

Requests/information, etc., sent to Denmark

When the Ministry receives a request/notification from abroad relating to a child who lives in Denmark, the Ministry will forward the request/notification to the competent municipality in Denmark.

It is then up to the municipality to take a position on the request/notification in accordance with the applicable rules in Denmark on the implementation of protection measures and similar for children and young people.