Moving to Denmark

If you and your child live abroad and you are considering moving to Denmark with your child, you must make sure that you can lawfully move with the child.

The rules that apply are those of the country where the child normally lives, not the Danish rules. So the legislation of that country determines whether you can lawfully move to Denmark with your child.

We therefore advise you to contact the authorities or a lawyer in the country where the child normally lives before you go to Denmark with the child. If you are uncertain which authorities can advise you on the rules in the country where you live, you may contact the Danish embassy.

If you have moved to Denmark unlawfully with your child

Denmark has acceded to the Hague Convention of 1980 . According to this convention, Denmark has a duty, in principle, to return a child if it has been abducted to or is being retained in Denmark.

Under the European Convention and the Hague Convention of 1996 , Denmark has a duty, in principle, to recognize and enforce decisions on custody made in other convention states.

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