How to apply for legal aid

You must print out and complete an application form for legal aid.

The form must be sent to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Senior Citizens, Holmens Kanal 22, DK-1060 Copenhagen K.

The ministry will then determine whether you are eligible for legal aid for the expenses covered by your application.

You can apply for legal aid yourself, or you can apply through your lawyer. Remember that you are not eligible for legal aid for any work performed by your lawyer in connection with the application for legal aid.

You must enclose the following with the application form:

  • Documentation of the expenses covered by your application
  • Documentation of the expenses which your personal legal expenses insurance or a free legal aid scheme abroad has committed to cover or refused to cover
  • If you apply for cover of expenses for legal assistance, the lawyer must prepare and enclose a detailed specification of hours/work including an elaborate specification of all procedural steps and the time spent on each step, so that it is possible to see exactly what is covered by the individual procedural step.

If you have any questions regarding the information to be provided in the form or the necessary documentation, please contact the Ministry of Social Affairs and Senior Citizens on telephone +45 33 92 93 00.